I dare say that many of us have been sat at home and felt that ‘something’ wasn’t quite right. Had a feeling that there was something different about the place but not quite been able to pin down where that feeling was coming from. Sometimes is can drive us to distraction trying to figure out exactly what it is and what triggered the feeling, unfortunately we can’t always find the source.

I know when I walk into my home whether I have an extra ‘guest’ as it were, as I can feel the shift in the energy. The best way to describe how this feels to me, is for you to imagine walking into a room filled with electricity, almost like a static charge, as if the room contains dozens of TV screens all emitting white noise. Somehow the energy in the room feels more dense, the air seems to change and more often than not I feel the ‘pressure’ of someone near to me, a closeness that make me feel like I could reach out and touch someone stood there. But that’s just how I feel, everybody has different reactions.

So how can spirit let you know when they are around? Well, to be honest, how spirit choose to make contact can often be based upon personal references. For example, a common method used by spirit it to use a smell, this could be a hint of perfume, or a cooking aroma etc. As smell is the strongest of the senses linked to memory, a scent or aroma can transport us back to a place in time when that smell was common place, leading us to link it to the people that were around us at that time. It could be tobacco smoke linked to a grandfather, sweet perfume linked to an aunt, or face cream linked to a grandmother. The smells that are chosen generally have a specific link to a person you are connected to. I won’t say that it is always easy to make the connection, as occasionally the link can be pretty bizarre, and you may have to search way back in your memory to place the smell, but the link will be there.

Electricity is also a useful tool for spirit. Affecting lights, TVs and radios seems to be a common method of signalling their presence. I have good friends who have had music playing through their sound system when it has all been switched off, even after disconnecting the speakers! The kitchen seems to be the centre of activity in my home and amongst other (non electrical activity), I have spirit switching the kettle on in there, playing with the telephone on the bedroom, and draining batteries in mobile phones and MP3 players.

Another method of contact is through sound. Unusual bangs, knocks and clicks, that you know are not naturally occurring – the kitchen is a great resource of sound making devices. The kettle switch, dustbin lid, cupboard doors etc. Instead of disregarding the noises that your house makes, as most of us do. Listen to the sounds, try and decide where they are coming from, investigate what could have made the sound, could it be naturally occurring? If not, who made the sound?

Of course there are the tales of having objects moved around the home, but this takes a lot of energy to perform, so is perhaps not as common as we would be made to believe by television programmes. Although it is common for small items to disappear for a while, only to turn up in the strangest of places! Keys seem to be a popular choice and television remotes, things that we notice being out of place very quickly.

In reality, the most commonly reported sign that of spirit activity is temperature change. Generally referred to as ‘cold spots’ where the temperature of a specific area can be quite dramatically lower than that of the surrounding area. Warm spots also occur, though there are generally regarded as being formed by loving energies as opposed to generic spirit activity. Whether they are warm or cold, make a note of where you encounter them, how long are they there for, and whether they always appear in the same place. At the same time you notice the temperate change, keep you eyes and ears open for any other signs that you have a ‘visitor’ in you home.